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Community Softball

Youth softball leagues in the community offer children an opportunity to learn the sport in a supportive setting, promoting skill development and teamwork while ensuring a fun and engaging experience for young players.

Baseball Bat Handles

Northeast Zone (NEZ) Sports Edmonton

Community involvement in teams strengthens bonds among neighbours and fosters a sense of belonging. These teams create a more vibrant and connected community.

Financial Assistance Available

Player Focused Development

More Accessibility

Valuable Life Skills

2023 Season Fees & Registration

  • All players must have a current Community League Membership from their home community league in order to register. You can purchase your membership here.

  • You must first register online on the NEZ Sports Edmonton website and later attend an in-person registration event to finalize the details.

  • During the in-person registration, you will put down a $300 volunteer deposit and sign up for 1 volunteer shift per player with your home community league. The deposit is held until the commitment is fulfilled.

  • Please bring your Community League Membership card to the in-person registration for proof of ownership.

  • First-time players require proof of age – birth certificate or Alberta Health Care Card.

  • If your player is trying out for an AA or AAA team and is successful, a top-off payment will be required at the first team meeting. No player will be officially put on an AA or AAA roster until the top-up payment is made.

  • Need help with registration fees? Apply for KidSport Funding. You can apply for JumpStart Funding as well.

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